Cooney Crawford has invented a new concept of space…at once vast and very intimate.

— Robert Saltonstall Mattison, Art Historian and Critic

Thom with Invitation to the Comets Tail

About my paintings

Worlds within worlds, subtle and visibly active…

Kinetic energy is the Life Force. The vigorous energy of my paintings’ worlds within worlds offers an invitation. There are paradoxes in the paintings: orbiting spatial cosmic landscapes, earthly terrains, galaxies, spinning vessels, archway passages and angel trees with hoops as antennas linking to the cosmic symphony. Explosive encounters appear with calming oases, while out of the organic maze shoot starry flashes, black holes, planet heads and swooping curves powering toward a centrality, following the logic and symmetry in a universal paradigm: the circumference is nowhere and the center is everywhere.

The symbols and icons I use meld the abstract with recognizable images: an eclipse face or witness ever-present, appears—sometimes hidden, sometimes emerging. The cosmic landscapes become a visual dance with energies of worlds within worlds, while concentric influences are going toward a nucleus. The stage of play is never linear, but organic: growth, death and rebirth.

Crawford is concerned with the bridge between the day to day world and the spiritual, establishing the often-elusive connection between artist and viewer.

— Everett Potter
Arts Magazine, 1988

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Thom Cooney Crawford is an ancient seeker, akin to the cave painters of Lascaux and the petroglyph makers of 10,000 years ago, while a nexus of his sight is to space age exploration.

— Dave Tobin
Artist & Journalist

Cross the divide.

A Universe beckons to us.

The door is open.

Conch of Ear