Paintings with Sculpture

Thom explains these works

My work upholds a continuum in art. The poetized, intuitive leaps can open the portals of transformation. The figures and symbols are ancient-oriented but also space-age, suggesting inner travel into another cosmos. The energies in the paintings and sculpture play off each other. They have a relationship when interacting.

When the faces began to appear in the paintings, I watched what was happening and eventually added a sculpted eclipse face—the Witness or Seer. Later Orpheus’s face with his scarified and serene eyes arrived. I’ve only done one painting so far with a full figure Orpheus. This freedom to experiment rises from my instinct to follow where the work leads me.

Thom explains Paintings with Scultptures

The paintings and sculptures draw upon archetypal symbols and engrams, rooted in both ancient art and the human form.

— JM Welker
Curator, Art Museum, University of Kentucky

The Paintings with Sculpture Gallery