Wall Reliefs

Thom explains these works

These single out symbolic elements of the figures to further explore their interactions with each other. For example, “Ripening What Survives” and “Powerpoint Intersection” use the Orpheus face with what might be an antenna, an inverted root, or a hoop through which to view the sky. The 12-foot long “Subliminal Rise” uses a full figure Orpheus levitating with what might be a spiraling umbilical cord or root. The figure’s toe touching that cord is suggestive of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and the meeting of Adam and God. Many of the wall reliefs extend beyond the boundaries of their perimeters.

Explanation Lunar Head

Thom Cooney Crawford’s sculptures could play a providential role in catapulting one into one’s own thoughts—in making you more receptive to the splendor of the sun, the candor of the moon…
— Marc Albert-Levin
Art Critic, Writer & Translator

The Wall Reliefs Gallery