Thom explains these works

My iconography is readable, but not necessarily totally. For example, the tree is an art archetype. Anybody would recognize the tree-ness there. You don’t have to think about archetypes. You don’t have to think about art history. It’s in you, you feel it. Some of the symbolic forms I use are helix, ellipse, fern-frond, mountain, sea, wave, flower, vortex, hoop, ring, sky, circle, bone, tree, arrow, wing, along with generative energies, the earth elements, the intimate and universal exchange and the solacing between.

Art points to something greater that can’t be contained in a literal way. It poetizes itself through a language that suggests. That suggestiveness is a trickster. It tricks us to let go of our mind. It tricks us to relax, and when we start relaxing, our ego lessens or disappears and our truer spirit is at peace.

When a viewer enters the sculptures’ space, the energy forces change and the space is activated so the viewer can experience another type of energy that completes the harmony.

Explanation Installations

Your works have a strong mythical and archetypal presence…

— Klaus Ottman
Chief Curator, The Phillips Collection Museum

The Installations Gallery