Oil on Panel

Thom explains these works

The orchestration of idea, material, craft, and aesthetic is composing a symphony. The different instruments lead me more than I lead them. When I’m painting, I use all kinds of tools—hands, brushes, sticks, feathers, rags for wiping. I paint on wood panels because canvas would not stand up to the sheer physicality of the work.

The paintings are very layered; it’s hard to get your mind around just what type of landscape is being presented, and I want to play off that kind of ambiguity. Sometimes the movement and the curves look like something is trying to escape to become a sculpture.

These symbolic metaphors—the floating vessels, archways I call sundoors, and egg-shaped planet heads—reference an evolution. An eclipse face, often half merging, evokes the silent witness, the awakened seer who is drawn to peace.

Thom explains Oil on Panel

Cosmic forces race across the paintings’ surfaces. They swirl around each other, intersect, and meld…a vigorous harmony…

— Robert Saltonstall Mattison
Art Historian and Critic

The Oil on Panel Gallery